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07 February 2008 - 01 March 2008

'twenty | twenty' - Various Artists

Twenty artists commemorate the twentieth anniversary of at Cope Street, Temple Bar. Quoting the November 1988: "Where bacon used to hang for curing, the works of our artists will hang for sale".

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Thanks to the foresight of Mary Farl Powers , her sister Jane Powers, James McCreary and members of Graphic Studio Dublin "a rotting shed in a dank alley" was transformed into the wonderful gallery space it is today. This celebratory exhibition showcases some of the renowned artists whose works featured in the gallery's opening show in November 1988. Furthermore these selected artists such as Anne Madden, Patrick Collins, Louis le Brocquy, Brian Bourke, Charles Tyrell, Patrick Pye, Donald Teskey, Maria Simmonds-Gooding, Tim Goulding, Ciarαn Lennon, Tony O'Malley, among others characterise 's ongoing Visiting Artists exhibitions.

The Visiting Artists programme, operated by Graphic Studio Dublin has made one of the most important contributions to the development and success of Irish printmaking since its inception in 1981. Under this scheme a number of high profile and talented artists have been invited each year to collaborate with a highly skilled master printmaker to produce an edition of prints.

This innovative show allows the viewer to span two decades of fine art printmaking. As the gallery manager of the time, Jane Powers, stated "Graphic Studio Dublin looks forward to welcoming the people of Ireland to the gallery, where the best of Irish art is available at affordable prices" still holds true.

Click on the thumbnails to view in full, dimensions refer to paper-size h x w [image size h x w].

All prices are for unframed work including 13.5% VAT available for sale in Graphic Studio Gallery.

Patrick Collins,
Abstract Spiral Composition (1990),
Edition of 70,

Brian Bourke HRHA,
Ower 2004,
Edition of 30,

Mary Lohan,
Edition of 50,

John Noel Smith,
Untitled (Red),
59cm x 40cm,
[30cm x 15cm],
Edition of 50,

Louis le Brocquy,
Human Image,
Edition of 75,

Anne Madden,
Edition of 30,

Anne Madden,
Edition of 75,

Tony O'Malley,
Firenze 1,
100 cm x 138 cm,
Edition of 50,

Tim Goulding,
[71cm x 71cm],
Edition of 40,

Donald Teskey RHA,
Edition of 30

Donald Teskey RHA,
Edition of 30

Gwen O'Dowd,
Spaces 4,
Edition of 30,

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