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Studio Members' Page

Membership Fees for 2015

Membership Fees for 2015 are now due.

The fees for 2015 are €500, payable by the end of January 2015.

It is a proud tradition of Graphic Studio Dublin to keep membership fees low. At €500 per annum, they will still be 30% less than many other studios around Ireland, most of which offer none of the services or projects that Graphic Studio Dublin offers.

» Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly and Biannual standing orders are welcome, and a form for same can be found here.

N. B. Completed standing order forms must be submitted to the bank branch holding the account to be debited (your bank branch, not ours).

Please talk to us if you require a different payment plan to facilitate the payment of Membership Fees. As always, staff will endeavour to increase opportunities and sales for all our artists, ensuring you feel the Membership Fee represents excellent value.

If you would like to discuss payment options confidentially, please talk to a staff member. E-mail and we can give you a call back to discuss.

Member Handbook

This handbook is issued to all Members on joining, or renewing subscription to Graphic Studio Dublin. It is an important document and as it is part of the Terms & Conditions of Membership of Graphic Studio Dublin it is essential that all Members take the time to read and understand it.

» View the Member Handbook 2010.

Archived Versions

» View the Member Handbook 2009.

» View the Member Handbook 2008.

Member's Inks Price List

Intaglio/Etching Inks
Intaglio/Etching inks are available for sale and collection from Distillery House, Intaglio/Etching Inks orders must be submitted with order forms including payment before 09:30 on Monday mornings. Inks orders will be processed on Tuesdays, and will be placed in member's cubby holes along with receipts.

Alternatively we can organise for your order to be delivered to you by courier (further details in inks mail-order form).

» Download/print the Member's Inks and Materials mail-order form.

Lithographic Inks
Lithographic inks are not stocked on site and are ordered along with our main stock order [please be aware that your Lithographic Inks orders may take a month or more to be processed].

Member's Lithographic Inks mail-order form coming soon...

Members Workshops - How to Apply for Artist Grants

Graphic Studio Dublin, Notes from 20th March 2012

This session is designed to focus on three areas of grants to start with as an artist, local authorities, the Arts Council and Culture Ireland.

click here for full notes

Previous Workshops for Members & Open Access Users

Each workshop began with a demonstration or talk, and where appropriate will continue with practical participation and sharing of experience.

Understanding Spit-bite and Aquatint

» Demonstration and discussion.
» Preparing rosin for aquatint box. How to apply aquatint and judge how much is on the plate. Using a thread counter (magnifying glass) to judge how aquatint is biting and when it is breaking down. Spit-bite demonstration.
» Practical application.
Participants can work on sample plate or current work and observe and discuss each others progress and results.

Grant opportunities for individual artists

How to find, apply for and get money.
This session is an introduction to applying for grants as an artist to cover your costs for materials, membership, and other opportunities. It will be a quick guide to Arts Council applications for artists, Culture Ireland and various local authority opportunities. If you cannot attend the notes will be uploaded to the members section of the website shortly thereafter.

Making Photopolymer plates

» Demonstration and discussion.
We will start with a discussion on preparing transparencies and dot screens for photopolymer, followed by a demonstration of plate exposure and development, and programming the exposure unit.
» Practical application
Participants can draw on true grain film or use a previously prepared transparency, and use it to make and print a photopolymer plate. This will be followed by a comparison of techniques used and a discussion about results.

Workshop practice

» This workshop will run from 10am to 1pm, but if necessary it can be continued after lunch until 4pm on request to allow participants more practical work time.
» We will be discussing and demonstrating where applicable various workshop practices and useful printmaking hints. If you have any suggestions on subjects that can be included in the discussion please let me know by email. We hope to cover the following subjects.
» Plate preparation, cutting and finishing.
» Press care, blanket care, changing pressure, adjusting presses for relief printing.
» Paper preparation, backing sheets, print flattening and care, flattening machine.
» Print presentation, what is required for conservation framing and mounting.
» Easy cleaning up.

Non-acid intaglio printmaking techniques

We will discuss intaglio printmaking techniques (see list below) that do not require etching facilities, for which plates can be made at home or elsewhere. These techniques might suit anyone who can only spend limited time in the studio, because when there, they can go directly to proofing and printing. We will look at various prints, and the materials and tools used to make them, and discuss the various techniques used.
Monotype. Carborundum. Dry point. Engraving. Mezzotint. Collograph, Embossing.

Sugar lifts and grounds

This workshop will run from 10am to 1pm, but if necessary it can be continued after lunch until 4pm on request to allow participants more practical work time.
» Demonstration and discussion.
Will start with a demonstration of different types of sugar lift and white ground, and a discussion about plate degreasing and grounds in general.
» Practical application.
Participants can work on sample plate or current work and observe and discuss each others progress and results.

Relief printing

We will start with a discussion on various relief print techniques and look at the tools and equipment required, types of paper suitable, and some sample prints. A demonstration on setting up presses for registration and printing will follow.

Useful Links and Numbers for Members


John Purcell Paper
+44 20 7737 5199 (London, England)


James Healy (copper)
01 456 6434 (Dublin)

Access Plastics (plastic sheets)
01 801 0022 (Ashbourne, Co. Meath)

Printmaking Supplies and Equipment

Habtex (lining cloth for wiping)
01 832 2726 (Dublin)

Martin services (bags of white rags)
01 460 0636 (Dublin)

Intaglio Printmaker (printmaking supplies)
+44 20 7928 2633 (London, England)

O'Sullivan Graphics (art supplies)
01 478 9460 (Dublin)

Kennedy & Sons (art supplies)
01 475 1749 (Dublin)

K & M Evans (art supplies)
01 872 6855

Polymetaal (printmaking equipment)
+31 71 522 2681 (Leiden, Netherlands)

L Cornelissen & Son (art supplies)
+44 20 7636 1045 (London, England)

T N Lawrence & Son (art supplies)
+44 12 7326 0260 (Hove, England)