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06 April 2006 - 29 April 2006

'Hanga' - Etchings by Yoko Hara & Takahiko Hayashi

Yoko Hara was born in Japan in 1968. She is an exciting young artist who received her Masters degree in painting and printmaking from Musashino Art University, outside Tokyo.

Takahiko Hayashi was born in 1961, in Japan. Hayashi received a BFA from Musashino Art University and an MFA in printmaking from the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo.

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Yoko Hara works mainly in etching, combining a variety of techniques such as aquatint and drypoint. In these delicate prints, the artist explores subtle themes that reveal an experienced and sophisticated eye. She cites travels in Asia, books and films as inspirations for her unique non-representational prints. The resulting artwork represents a visual diary of the different experiences in her life.

Takahiko Hayashi now a resident of Saitama Prefecture, Takahiko Hayashi works at creating masterfully bold abstractions, often with vibrant colour. 'My images often do not belong to a completed picture. There may be some images on a printing plate, and while they are connected with each other, they are not always sequential. Sense, movement, colour, texture, light, and form are all important but I don't wish to control them. I feel it is more favourable to have different elements coexist with others rather than to create one image with a harmonic worldview. How these elements coexist becomes my image.'

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Takahiko Hayashi,
The Days of Twinng Wind
- Things can be Bent,
Etching, Ed. 50, 2006

Takahiko Hayashi

Takahiko Hayashi

Takahiko Hayashi

Yoko Hara

Yoko Hara

Yoko Hara

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