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02 October 2008 - 25 October 2008

'Flock' - New works by Kelvin Mann

Since his two man exhibition 'Quire' with Marc Reilly in 2004 and his award winning print 'Red Light House' for Dublin Port Print show at Graphic Studio Gallery in 2007, we are delighted to host 'Flock' an innovative solo show by Kelvin Mann.

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This suite of fine art prints demonstrate a wide variety of print techniques and mediums. Furthermore Kelvin uses repetitive imagery to mirror the reproductive nature of printmaking. He combines a wonderful sense of comedy and imagination using titles and visual puns to engage the viewer in a humorous manner. The title 'Flock' relates to a number of works in the show as they involve groups of animals, some of which have flock fibers attached to the paper surface, giving the work a tactile quality and reminiscent of 19th century Victorian wallpaper.

Kelvin Mann, born in New Zealand and studied at Otago School of Fine Art, Dunedin. He now resides in Dublin and is a member of Graphic Studio Dublin. Coinciding with this exhibition is a one-man show at Gallery De Novo, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Artist Kelvin Mann will give a talk on Thursday 2nd October from 3pm - 4pm
Booking is essential | t: +353 1 6798021 | e:

Click on the thumbnails to view in full:

Flock Wallpaper 1, intaglio
51cm x 64cm

A flange of baboon, intaglio
51cm x 64cm

Five ways
to fall off a cycle, intaglio
39cm x 70cm

construction game, Intaglio
24cm x 41cm

Put your money where your
hooves are, intaglio
24cm x 41cm

Black sheep of the family, intaglio
51cm x 64cm

Money shot, intaglio,
14cm x 15cm

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