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05 October 2006 - 28 October 2006

Visiting Artists 2006

The Visiting Artists programme, operated by the Graphic Studio Dublin workshop, has made one of the most important contributions to the development of Irish printmaking over the last 10 years.

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Under this scheme, artists who have no previous experience of print, but well known in their own right as artists, are invited to work with a trained technician to produce an edition of prints. The demands made by an artist working in an unfamiliar medium bring not only surprising technical innovations to the printmaking process but also resonances from beyond the world of print. The result is a true collaboration between artist and craftsman. These prints include some of the most familiar names in Irish art, and more recently the scheme has begun to attract the attention of artists from abroad.

This year we invited artists Tim Goulding, Brian Henderson, Ciaran Lennon, John Noel Smith, Gwen O'Dowd, Patrick Pye, Nigel Rolfe, and Donald Teskey

Click on the thumbnails to view in full:

Tim Goulding
Ed. of 40
71 x 71 cm

Brian Henderson
Ed. of 30
Carborundum and Etching
84 x 34 cm

Ciaran Lennon
Ed. of 30
Aquatint and Etching
77 x 56 cm

John Noel Smith
Ed. of 30
29 x 30 cm

Gwen O'Dowd
Water Based 1
Ed. of 30
61 x 66 cm

Patrick Pye
Easter Week in Spain
Ed. of 80
33 x 25 cm

Nigel Rolfe
Dark Corners Diptych
80 x 80 cm

Shoreline Variation III
Ed. of 30
66 x 55 cm

Donald Teskey
Shoreline Variation No. 1,
ed. 30,
76 x 65cm

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