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07 September 2006 - 30 September 2006

Micheal Farrell & Contemporaries from A Fleur de Pierre Studio Paris

An exhibition of lithographic prints from the collection of A Fleur de Pierre Atelier of Jacques de Champfleury in Paris to be hosted at Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin. Curated by Richard Gorman

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A Fleur de Pierre is the French Atelier of Jacques and Etienne de Champfleury. Operating from Paris for over thirty years the workshop is dedicated exclusively to the complex and fascinating process of stone lithography, and is one of the very few remaining studios still using this traditional stone technique today. In March 2006 Richard Gorman visited the workshop to select a number of works from A Fleur de Pierre's extensive archive to curate this exhibition. The show features lithographs by Michael Farrell, Mark Brusse, Martin Englemann, Brian Maguire and Jeroen Hermkens.

Central to this exhibition is the work of Micheal Farrell (1940 - 2000), former member of Graphic Studio Dublin.

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Madonna Irlanda
Micheal Farrell
Lithograph, ed. 120
76.25 x 54.5 cm

Le Verre Bleu
Micheal Farrell
Ed. of 65

Le Verre Rose
Micheal Farrell
Ed. of 80

Mountain Fish 1
Mark Brusse
Ed. of 80

Rose de Salmon
Martin Englemann
Ed. of 55

Porte Orange
Micheal Farrell
Ed. of 65

Irish Landscape
Brian Maguire
Ed. of 90

Jeroen Hermkens
Ed. of 66

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