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09 March 2006 - 01 April 2006

'Mappa Mundi' - New Topographical Etchings
by Brian Lalor

Mappa Mundi is taken from a great medieval map of the known world, created in Britain in the thirteenth century, in part geographic and in part a work of the imagination. This, to some degree, reflects Lalors approach to landscape, a combination of the factual and the interpretative.

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Brian Lalor (born Cork), artist and writer has exhibited extensively throughout Ireland, Europe and America in twenty one solo shows. This is Brian's second solo show at the Graphic Studio Gallery. He is also the author of twelve books on architecture and travel and was General Editor of the multi award winning The Encyclopaedia of Ireland (Ireland & US, 2003). He has pursued a many-faceted career in architecture, archaeology, lecturing and editing, and his printmaking is constantly enriched by the wide range of his activities. As a printmaker Lalor works principally in etching, woodcut and mezzotint, largely in black and white, and has used his prints to accompany both his own and other's texts, most notably in a series of woodcuts for Oscar Wilde's The Ballad of Reading Gaol. He is chairman of the Graphic Studio Dublin and represented in Ireland by Graphic Studio Gallery in Dublin. His work is in major collections in Ireland and private collections worldwide. He exhibited in the hugely successful Gardens of Earthly Delights, which has been touring Ireland since its launch in the Chester Beatty Library in June 2005.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a set of three panoramic landscape studies, urban, rural, and maritime, each two meters long, and printed on the largest etching press in the country. One of these, the double Liffeyside prospect of the Dublin docklands, is probably the most significant treatment of Dublin in print since James Malton's etchings of the city in the late 18C., and a tour-de-force of topographical printmaking.

Smaller works look at landscape in a series of mezzotint and aquatint studies: the most radical grouping, the Mappa Mundi etchings, are almost abstract in their sparse linear forms. This is Brian Lalor's first solo show since the touring of The Ballad of Reading Gaol woodcuts in 1999.

Click on the thumbnails to view in full:

The Great and Little Skellig from
St. Finan's Bay
Edition of 20

Mappa Mundi,
Kealduff upper
drypoint, etching,
Edition of 20

Mappa Mundi,
drypoint, etching,
Edition of 20

Hore Abbey and St.
Patrick's Rock from
the east
drypoint, etching,
Edition of 20

The chair she sat in
like a burnished throne
drypoint, etching,
Edition of 20

etching double plate,
Edition of 20

Mappa Mundi,
drypoint, etching,
Edition of 20

A true prospect...
Edition of 20

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