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National Campaign for the Arts

We are a proud participant in, and supporter of, the National Campaign for the Arts, which is working to inform our politicians and the public that the arts are central to Ireland's economy, reputation and daily life. If you value artists and creativity as much as we do, log onto and take action to support the campaign.

Copyright Policy

The content of this site is protected by Irish and European Union copyright laws, international conventions and other copyright laws.

Copyright on all Artwork included in this site is held by the Artist and Graphic Studio Dublin.

Information, logos, graphics, texts therein is copyright of Graphic Studio Dublin, unless otherwise stated.

Graphic Studio Dublin prohibits the modification, publishing, transmitting, selling, displaying or in any way exploiting any of the materials on this site. Requests for the use of materials on this site should be directed to:

The Administrator,
Graphic Studio Dublin,
Distillery House,
Distillery Court,
537 North Circular Road,
Dublin 1
Telephone: +353 1 817 0942
Fax: +353 1 817 0942

Rights and Reproductions

Images are always in huge demand in Graphic Studio Dublin. For images to be used externally, for press articles etc., outside of official GSD/GSG promotion, our artists must inform us of their permission for use, and ask their designer/publications representative to fill in the details below, and forward to the Gallery Manager. Please note that Graphic Studio Dublin official work is prioritised over the promotion of our artists' work to outside parties. A fee will/may be charged to cover administration/disks etc.

Name of publication, and contact name and address:
Designer contact:
Format Required (JPEG/TIFF):
Minimum DPI required:
Minimum size (Megabites):
Copyright of artist, signature (or reference if through GSD):

Graphic Studio Dublin reserves the right to refuse permissions.

Complaints Procedure

The complaints procedure is to be used only after an issue has been discussed with a member of staff in order to give opportunity to solve the problem. The issue can be discussed via e-mail, phone or in person.

The aim of this procedure is to maintain and enhance customer service and satisfaction.

By initiating a formal complaints procedure Graphic Studio Dublin hopes to deal quickly and efficiently with any complaint. The procedure will apply for both customers who are members of the general public and the members, staff and board of Graphic Studio Dublin.

Graphic Studio Dublin at all times strives to be a model of good practice.

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Grievance Procedure

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