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From Darkness into Light

From Darkness into Light at Graphic Studio Gallery focused on some of Sweden's most established contemporary artists alongside the next generation of emerging artists. Printmaking in Sweden, especially black and white print, ranging from strong powerful expressionism to the most lyrical silence, has been an important key form of visual expression from the early 1880's until today.

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Graphic Studio Gallery and the National Gallery of Ireland came together to celebrate the stunning art of Sweden. The idea grew from a proposal first initiated by James McCreary, artist and recently appointed member of Áosdana. The National Gallery of Ireland were invited to show an exhibition of prints from 1880-1960 from The Royal Print Collection, belonging to His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf and the Swedish Fine Print Society. Lars Nyberg, Swedish artist, coordinated and hung the contemporary show in the unique Swedish way – unframed and suspended on pins.

Artists' Books

Rickard Ahrlin, Leif Elggren, Christel Hansson, Maria Lindstrom, Lina Nordenstrom, Carolina Thorell, Eigil Thorell, Lars Wikstrom and Mats Wilhelmsson exhibited artists' books.

What is an artists' book? How you define this art form is an open question. More and more artists have chosen to work in the area of artists' books, although the choice of technique and form vary widely. While some choose to work with the book as an stand alone object or in small limited editions, others favour larger editions produced in collaboration with small publishers, often run by artists.

Firework Edition publishers presented a book by its founder, Leif Elggren. Rosenlofs Books were represented in the exhibition by two books, which are the outcome of a collaboration between poets, visual artists, professional printers and bookbinders.

In Sweden the interest in artists' books has grown in the last few years. For that reason we presented a selection of artists' books as a part of the exhibition From Darkness into Light. The nine exhibiting artists are all using different black and white printing methods. These range from traditional hand set lead type, engravings and lithographs on handmade paper, to photo based techniques and computer generated images. Most of the artists' books or the "book sculptures" in this exhibition are published in limited editions or exist only as individual art objects.

Click on the thumbnails to view in full, Dimensions refer to image size h x w.

All prices are for unframed work including 13.5% VAT available for sale in Graphic Studio Gallery

Jordi Arko,
computer-generated woodcut,
70 cm x 43.5 cm

Helena Bergenrud,
Man with wings too large for him,
12.5 cm x 10.5 cm

Lena Cronqvist,
Standing girl with dress in a flask,
25 cm x 19.5 cm

Elina Druker,
Worlds of Darkness and Light,
etching on paper, wood, paraffin wax,
8.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 5 cm

Andreas Eriksson,
35 cm x 40 cm

Lars Eriksson,
26 cm x 23 cm

Ulla Fries,
The Philosopher,
25 cm x 49 cm

Lina Nordenström,
29.5 cm x 29.5 cm

Asa Stjerna,
My Father Never got a Driving Licence II,
26 cm x 21 cm