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Open Access

Call for applications for our Open Access Programme

Graphic Studio Dublin's Open Access Programme allows access to studio facilities on a pay as you go basis.

Applications of Open Access will be considered every six months at the same time as applications for full studio membership, under the same criteria.

Next submission deadline: 31st July

As with full membership, applicants for Open Access must demonstrate that they are capable of using the facilities unaided before being allowed to use the studio, and must complete a short induction which covers studio practice and health and safety issues.

Open Access will be available from 9.30am to 5pm, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and by appointment on Monday and Fridays, only if staff is available.

An annual administrative fee of €50 will be payable in January of each year.
The fee for studio use is €20 per day (or any part of a day) payable on the day. The cost is reduced for further days in any given week to €10 per day if booked and paid in advance for that week.

For more information please contact the studio by clicking here