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Breon O'Casey b. 1928

Breon O'Casey was born in London in 1928, the son of Irish playwright Sean O'Casey and Eileen Reynolds. In 1937, he moved with his family to Devon and it was at school there that he showed a great interest in art. Encouraged to pursue this interest he then went on to study at the Anglo French Art Centre which had close links with the French school of painting.

It was in St. Ives in Cornwall that Breon O'Casey felt at home. It wasn't the light that attracted him to St. Ives but the sense of camaraderie amongst the artists living there. For two years he worked part-time as an assistant to the sculptor Denis Mitchell and consequently to Barbara Hepworth. Working for Denis and Barbara taught him to be a professional artist: how to combine the practical world of the market place with the ideal world of the artist.

Although he rarely sold paintings during this time, his gold and silver jewellery won him an international reputation with connoisseurs and his handwoven creations have been targeted by knowledgeable collectors. On his seventieth birthday
Breon O'Casey gave up making jewellery and now concentrates on painting, sculpture and printmaking.

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Arcobat V
75 cm x 50 cm
Edition of 15