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Ethan Murrow

Ethan Murrow received his B.A. in Studio Arts with a focus on painting and printmaking in Carleton College and his M.F.A in drawing, painting and sculpture from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ethan works primarily in drawing and film and shows his work nationally and internationally. Ethan's short film, 'Dust', was an official selection of the 2008 New York Film Festival. Ethan's work is in many collections worldwide including the Guggenheim Foundation. His work has been reviewed and published widely, including recently in the Los Angeles Times and the Seattle Times. Ethan is currently a full time Graduate and Undergraduate Faculty in Painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston where he was recently awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award. In 2010, Ethan also served as the Dayton Hudson Distinguished Visiting Artist and Teacher at Carleton College. His writing work appears regularly in the Huffington Post.

Past Graphic Studio Gallery Exhibitions:
» 2012 Visiting Artists Exhibition

Selected Exhibitions:
» 2012 The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences, Charleston WV
» 2012 Obsolete, Venice, CA
» 2011 Winston Wachter, New York, NY
» 2011 La Galerie Particuliere, Paris, France
» 2010 "Fast Forward - Four for the Future" Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, NM
» 2010 Winston Wachter, Seattle, WA
» 2010 Obsolete, Venice, CA
» 2010 Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI

Click on the thumbnails to view in full, Dimensions refer to paper-size h x w [image size h x w].

All prices are for unframed work including 13.5% VAT available for sale in Graphic Studio Gallery

Other Double
Ed. of 32
46cm x 89cm
[30cm x 75cm]
Unframed: €650

Ed. of 22
90cm x 124cm
[70cm x 106cm]
Unframed: €920

Double Double
Ed. of 32
84cm x 64cm
[69cm x 50cm]
Unframed: €720