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Membership & Studio Access

Membership Application Details

Graphic Studio Dublin admits members twice yearly.

We have limited vacancies for studio membership, and invite submissions in June and January.

The next deadline for submission will be Monday 18th January 2010 at 5pm. The Summer deadline for submission will be Thursday 17th June 2010.

Applications for membership are in writing and must include: a cover letter stating why the candidate wishes to join Graphic Studio Dublin, an up to date CV (including all relevant professional experience listed in chronological order) and an artist's statement.

Applications for membership must be accompanied by a portfolio (no larger than A1 in size) containing a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 of the applicants best pieces of original print work (no photographs or discs please) any extra information regarding the prints submitted is welcome and encouraged (dates, inspiration, etc.). These items MUST be dropped into the studio , Distillery House, together. Cover letter, CV and an artist's statement must be submitted at the same time as the portfolio. Partial submissions will not be accepted.

A panel of assessors, including the Studio Director, and an outside assessor, evaluate the portfolio, seeking demonstration of ability in at least one method of printmaking. In the absence of a formal qualification in printmaking, the candidate must demonstrate professional competency through work practice.

Applications are submitted to The Administrator, Distillery House. By appointment only. Telephone +353 (0) 1 817 0942

Applicants will be informed, in writing, within four weeks of submission of portfolio, as to whether they have been successful or not.

Unsuccessful candidates, where possible, will be informed of the reason for failure to admission. In some cases, candidates may be admitted following training/courses which will ensure they reach the high standards which are part of Graphic Studio Dublin's ethos.

Successful entry will be followed by an induction into Graphic Studio Dublin practice encompassing a tour of the studio, and receipt of the Members Handbook. Membership fees (350 per annum in 2009), are paid in advance for the year commencing 1st January. June applicants will pay a pro rata membership in year one to 31st December.

Membership entitles member to 24 hour access, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; this level of access will be granted after a probation period during which you will be instructed in the correct and safe use of the studio. The length of the probation period will depend on your attendance at the studio and whether the Studio Director is satisfied that you have shown an ability to work correctly and safely and that you properly understand studio procedures.

Graphic Studio Dublin is an Equal Opportunity Employer in compliance with the Employment Equality Act 1998 and Equal Status Act 2004.

Graduate Award

Each year Graphic Studio Dublin offers a number of Internship awards to graduates of Dublin fine art educational institutions and third level colleges specialising in print. Internship awards offer a year's free membership to the studio, materials and technical guidance and assistance. This award is vital to the continuing existence of the studio. Graphic Studio Dublin relies on its membership for artistic development and ideas for projects. The internship encourages the enrolment of young artists, and provides mentorship linking a student's college course with professional art practice in a working environment that will protect and encourage their development as an individual printmaker.

The selection process begins with graduate degree shows in May and June 2009. Selection is made by a panel including two Graphic Studio Dublin Board Members and the Studio Director, in conjunction with the Department Heads of various fine art educational institutions and third level colleges specialising in print. Internships commence in September with an induction day. Participating colleges include Dublin Institute of Technology, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology and the National College of Art & Design.

Graphic Studio Dublin currently provides facilities for intaglio, lithography and relief print. We have recently installed a large format exposure unit for photo plate lithography and intaglio, and are planning to have digital print in September 2009, and screen-print in 2010.

Applicant's final year exhibition will be assessed together with a portfolio of related work, which must be made available beside their display. A shortlist of applicants will then be asked to attend a short interview on site.

» Download/print the Graduate Award application form

Open Access

Our Open Access program will be changing in 2010 from Saturdays to midweek starting in February/March 2010. Please check back here shortly for details.