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Desmond Kenny b. 1956

Desmond began making art in 1986. He joined Graphic Studio Dublin in 2004. He uses the term V.E. to denote a varied edition of prints. Each print can be subtly or radically different in colour, titles may change, extra figures added as he sees fit. Each print is a new creative act and is open to many possibilities. The only definitive act is his signature and the edition size. This is outside normal printmaking practice where each print is identical. His printmaking runs in tandem with his painting processes, where his painting is subject to constant change until sold. He has always liked the story of Bonnard repainting sections of his paintings, hanging in the
Luxembourg, while the guard was distracted by a friend. This process of printmaking may not
appeal to many but he cares less, making art is more important then appealing to the status quo.

Artist's Statement:
I have being making art since 1986 and have exhibited widely throughout the country. I joined
Graphic Studio Dublin in 2004. About a third of my artistic output is of the nude. All my work of the
nude are based on drawings from life in my studio. I like to make art which as Picasso said "has
something of the armpit about it". An art not de-odorised by truth or beauty, but that has that
visceral quality of the human presence, that lends a sense of the real to a work of art.

Past Graphic Studio Dublin Exhibitions:
» 2009 Artist's Proof, Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland

Past Graphic Studio Gallery Exhibitions:
» 2010 Gold

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She will do it, for me,
aquatint & spitbite,
40 cm x 32 cm,
Edition of 40,