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Takahiko Hayashi b. 1961

Born in Gifu Prefecture, now a resident of Saitama Prefecture, Takahiko Hayashi diligently works at creating masterfully bold abstractions, often with vibrant color. His work has a mystical quality and the titles reflect interest in philosophy 'Considering Lao-Tse' as well as natural phenomena 'The Spinning Wind'.

Several different intaglio printmaking techniques are used in creating these prints. Unusual for this medium, the artist uses only one plate and prints only one time, so there is no problem in getting plates registered. However, it is a complex task of layering different pieces of colored paper and careful inking different colors on the plate. As a result, there are fine lines, bold strokes and mottled textural areas. It is the combination of elements conveying movement with those emblematic of solidity that give Hayashi's prints their strength and interest. Lines swirl and eddy, textures soften and modulate, block shapes rise from a rich colorful background. The artist may also combine separately printed sheets of paper into a single image, allowing for the combination of a richly varied palette.

Takahiko Hayashi received a BFA from Musashino Art University and an MFA in printmaking from the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo. After teaching for several years, he is now able to devote himself to artwork on a full time basis.

Past Graphic Studio Dublin Exhibitions:
» 2009 Artist's Proof, Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland

Past Graphic Studio Gallery Exhibitions:
» 2010 Little Christmas
» 2009 Little Christmas

Selected Exhibitions:
» 2009 Ainu Stories, Froelick Gallery, Portland, OR (March)
» 2008 Dwelling in the Form: Matrix Fine Art, Albuquerque, NM
» 2008 Form and Texture: Ren Brown Collection Gallery, Bodega Bay, CA
» 2008 Gallery You, Ohgaki, Japan
» 2008 Artland Gallery Marugame, Japan
» 2007 The Nest of Winds: Galerie Tokyo HumanitÄ, Tokyo, Japan
» 2007 Yanagisawa Gallery, Saitama, Japan
» 2007 Gallery Seijou, Sendai, Japan
» 2006 Schurman Gallery, Berkeley, CA
» 2006 New Grounds Gallery, Albuquerque, NM
» 2006 Gallery You, Ohgaki, Japan
» 2006 Galerie Ashi Yamagata, Japan
» 2005 Ren Brown Gallery, Bodega Bay, CA
» 2005 New Grounds Gallery, Albuquerque, NM
» 2005 Lobby Gallery of 455 Market Street,San Francisco,CA
» 2005 Yanagisawa Gallery, Saitama, Japan

Click on the thumbnails to view in full, Dimensions refer to paper-size h x w [plate/image size in brackets h x w].

All prices are for unframed work including 13.5% VAT available for sale in Graphic Studio Gallery

Spinning Wind,
32.5 cm x 19.5 cm,
Edition of 40,

Blue Jasper Wind
50 cm x 33 cm,
Edition of 50,

The Earth
20 cm x 25 cm,
Edition of 20,


20 cm x 25 cm,
Edition of 20,