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Leo Higgins

The sculptor Leo Higgins is also the director of Cast. Higgins, whose background is 'entirely technical' and who states that "sculpture is terribly important, It's the language of it." It is indeed the language of Beckett in 'Waiting for Godot' where the iconic tree, the 'soulless enigmatic tree' that informs these works. However what is interesting is how Higgins portrays the roots or underworld of the tree. As Brian McAvera explains 'as in a Beckett play what you see and hear seems relatively simple until you examine the subtext. In the sculptures the subtext is the base, which is actually an abstracted form of the tree's root'.

Past Graphic Studio Gallery Exhibitions:
» 2010 New Works - James McCreary, Leo Higgins & Michael Cullen

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Bronze Sculpture,

Bronze Sculpture,

Winter Bird,
Bronze Sculpture,

Garden Bird,
Bronze Sculpture,