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Gerard Greene b. 1956

Gerard Greene was born in Dublin in 1956, finished his education at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 1991 and is currently living and working in Dublin. Gerard worked in Denmark for a number of years, and on graduating returned there where he had his first exhibition of printmaking at Gallery Arthouse Copenhagen in April 1992. Gerard was a member of the Graphic Studio from 1993 to 1997 and continues to exhibit in gallery group shows. Although Gerard is primarily a printmaker he also works with painting and multimedia, he is a member of the Freie Klasse art group having exhibited at their Better World exhibition in Munich 1998 and at other venues since then. Gerard has exhibited widely in Denmark, Germany and Ireland, and has worked at art teaching and paint restoration since 1995 and this experience has enriched his work.

Artists Statement Colour, energy, reflection, loss, tension, distance and places inhabited are some of words which would describe Gerard Greene work. Elements and colour interact to create mood, rhythms and echoes. However the qualities are not all formal, the work allows glimpses
into a more personal world, where the past is made present.

Past Graphic Studio Gallery Exhibitions:
» 2010 Summer Show
» 2009 Little Christmas
» 2008 Little Christmas

Solo Exhibitions
» 2006 Neon Gallery, 174 Stillorgan Rd, Dublin
» 2000 Cafe KIldoen, Copenhagen
» 1996 Gallery Ibstinans, Copenhagen
» 1994 Hrungers Hjaerte Gallery, Copenhagen
» 1992 Gallery Arthouse,Copenhagen

Group Exhibitions
» 2008 Neon Gallery, 174 Stillorgan Rd, Dublin
» 2001 Toriocht, Dept of Arts, Dublin
» 2001 Kino 24 Film Festival, Munich
» 1998 Better World Exhibition, Munich
» 1994 Cliften Arts Festival, Co Galway

Tryg-Baltica, Copenhagen; DSB, Danish Rail, Copenhagen; Bank of Ireland, Dublin; Nova Nordik, Copenhagen; Unibank, Copenhagen; Codan Insurance, Copenhagen;

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Edition of 20

Edition of 20

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