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Camilla Fanning

Camilla Fanning is an Irish artist based in Dublin. She is a member of the Graphic Studio Dublin. She works primarily as a printmaker, with an interest in innovative print techniques and more recently is moving into New Media. She has an ongoing interest in life drawing and attends the RHA life sessions. She has attended specialist CPD workshops in Berlin and New York; she has received arts awards and her work is regularly selected for curated open submission exhibitions. She exhibits all over Ireland, is involved in curating art exhibitions and runs occasional specialist art workshops. She had her first solo exhibition of Print in Dublin in December 2011.

Artist's Statement:
I am an Irish artist based in Dublin working primarily as a printmaker. My primary medium is etching with an interest in innovative techniques. My practice also includes life drawing, digital animation and sound, and mixed media expanded sculpture. A recurrent theme of my work is collective memory and shared imaginings, often taking the form of landscapes. Recently I have begun to explore the dark side of children's games as they illuminate the real world. My work has been exhibited in New York and Dublin and has been included in several open submission curated exhibitions. I have studied in Dublin, New York and Berlin, and worked in Milan and London. I exhibit my prints regularly in Dublin, as well as contributing Digital works to various crossover contemporary music events. I am a Member of the Graphic Studio Dublin, regularly take part in the RHA Self Directed Life Sessions. I have received arts awards from the Irish Arts Council, and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Co. This year I will be focusing on my own visual research and creative development, and I am working towards an exhibition of etchings in Norway which I hope to visit for research soon.

Past Graphic Studio Gallery Exhibitions:
» 2010 Little Christmas

» 2011 DLR Co Co Artist Practice Development Grant
» 2010 DLR Co Co Artist Practice Development Grant
» 2008 Irish Arts Council Travel and Training Award - Research and Workshop at Druckstelle Etching Studio, Berlin.

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