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Meadhbh Arthurs b. 1985

Meadhbh Arthurs is a printmaking artist currently living in Dublin, born in Galway in 1985. She studied for four years at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, completing a degree in Fine Art Printmaking in 2007. During her time in NCAD she was introduced to the processes of etching, screen-printing and lithography. She took part in her first group exhibition in 2006 at the Cross Gallery in Dublin. Following her degree show exhibition she was selected for a Graphic Studio Dublin Graduate Award. This provided the opportunity to develop her work in a professional printmaking studio. She has taken part in a group exhibition at the Graphic Studio Gallery in 2007, as well as participating in a fundraising show for Graphic Studio Dublin in January of 2008.

Past Graphic Studio Dublin Exhibitions:
» 2009 Where Borders Meet - The Response, Gorale and Krakow, Poland
» 2008 Na granicy | Where Borders Meet, Muzeum "Dwory Karwacjanow i
Gladyszow", Gorlice, Poland

Past Graphic Studio Gallery Exhibitions:
» 2010 Gold
» 2010 Where Borders Meet - The Response
» 2009 Graduate Award Exhibition
» 2008 Little Christmas

Click on the thumbnails to view in full, Dimensions refer to paper-size h x w [image size h x w].

All prices are for unframed work including 13.5% VAT available for sale in Graphic Studio Gallery

Smoko time
40cm x 40cm [24cm x 24cm]
Edition of 10

40cm x 40cm [24cm x 24cm]
Edition of 10

Night of the Flying Ants
40cm x 40cm [24cm x 24cm]
Edition of 10

Stillness on Lake Nuga Nuga
45cm x 52cm [32cm x 40cm]
Edition of 10

Zmuduny Dzien Pracy/
A Long Day's Work,
23.5 cm x 24 cm

The ones who have known him,
Inspired by Not the one who takes up his bed and walks by Seamus Heaney,
20 cm x 25 cm,