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This course is suitable for those interested in making Christmas cards.

Students will be introduced to basic printmaking practice and will develop these skills over the duration of the course. The course is aimed at those who have some printmaking experience or an interest in printmaking; however it is also suitable for people who are new to art. The course will cover the entire process of cutting and printing from the linoleum block, allowing participants to explore their own work and develop ideas through this media.

We will begin the course by introducing students to lino cutting as a printmaking method, creating a line on a block, different texture, negative and positive image. As the course develops students can also work further into the image on their blocks.

As students will be working from their own ideas, it is important to bring some drawings, photographs or other images as source material.

Students will be provided with a start-up supply of lino, paper and inks. Latex gloves and rags are also provided. Please also bring an apron, pencils, pens and paintbrushes, a notebook and any other drawing materials you may need.

It is also necessary to bring:
- some drawings, photos, or source material
- apron
- pencils, pens and paintbrushes
- a notebook

Cancelation Policy

Graphic Studio Dublin reserves the right to cancel any course when insufficient numbers enroll. In these instances we will give as much notice as is possible and fees paid will be refunded in full.