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Gwen O'Dowd b. 1957

Born in Dublin, Gwen studied at the National College of Art & Design, and began exhibiting in the mid-1980s. Her formal concerns have always been rooted deeply in the tradition of landscape painting, yet the specific locales from which she has drawn inspiration, the modes of addressing them, and the metaphoric import of the resulting series of paintings, have varied considerably over the years.

Among the aspects of the landscape O'Dowd has registered over the past decade are the ecological devastation of the Gulf War, the epic grandeur of the Grand Canyon, and most recently, the mythically sexualised landscape of rural Ireland. She has exhibited regularly in Ireland and Britain, as well as continental Europe and North America. She participated in the L'Imaginaire Irlandais festival in Paris in 1996, and her work is in many public and private collections. Among other awards, she won the Oireachtas Exhibition prize in 1990 and the Íontas Exhibition prize in 1994.

O'Dowd is one of Ireland's foremost contemporary artists; she has received many awards and prizes and is a member of Aosdana.

Past Graphic Studio Dublin Exhibitions:
» 2005 Gardens of Earthly Delight, Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland

Past Graphic Studio Gallery Exhibitions:
» 2012 Visiting Artists Exhibition
» 2009 Studio Publications - various artists
» 2008 twenty|twenty - various artists
» 2007 Dublin Port Print
» 2004 Visiting Artists

Selected Solo Exhibitions
» 2003 Vangard Gallery, Cork
» 2001 Vangard Gallery, Cork
» 2001 Art First, Cork Street, London
» 2000 Ashford Gallery, RHA, Dublin
» 1999 Vangard Gallery, Cork
» 2001 Art First, Cork Street, London

Selected Group Exhibitions
» 2003 Éire/Land McMullen Museum of Art, Boston, USA
» 2002 Íontas, Award Winners, Sligo Living
» 2001 Boyle Arts Festival, Boyle

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Crow Study III
Ed. of 1
27cm x 35cm
Unframed: €450

Crow Study I
Ed. of 1
26cm x 36cm
Unframed: €450

Spaces V,
Edition of 30,
Unframed: €1270

Spaces I,
Edition of 18
Unframed: €1270

Spaces III,
Edition of 18
Unframed: €1270

Arum Dracunculus,
60 cm x 50 cm,
Edition of 40,

Port Print I,
55 cm x 44 cm
Unframed: €550

Waterbased I,
Edition of 30
Unframed: €850

Waterbased II
Edition of 30
Unframed: €850

Waterbased V
Edition of 30
Unframed: €850