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Clare Henderson b. 1981

Clare Henderson was born in Dublin in 1981. She began her art training in Ballyfermot Senior College and went on to study Fine Art Print in the National College of Art and Design. On graduating in 2005 she began printing in Graphic Studio Dublin, having received the Graphic Studio Dublin Graduate Award (2005). There, with the help of studio staff and members, she has furthered her printing practice to create a body of work based around ideas relating to the human condition. She enjoyed her first solo exhibition in Monstertruck Gallery in 2006 and since then has exhibited in the Talbot Gallery, Graphic Studio Gallery and most recently the National Gallery of Ireland.

Past Graphic Studio Dublin Exhibitions:
» 2009 Wystawa poplenerowa - 'Na granicy' | Where Borders Meet - The Response, Gallery Sztuki MOK, Debica, Poland
» 2008 'Na granicy' | Where Borders Meet, Muzeum "Dwory Karwacjanow i Gladyszow", Gorlice, Poland
» 2008 Revelation, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

Past Graphic Studio Gallery Exhibitions:
» 2010 Gold
» 2009 Graduate Award Exhibition
» 2008 Little Christmas

Click on the thumbnails to view in full, dimensions refer to paper-size h x w [image size h x w].

All prices are for unframed work including 13.5% VAT available for sale in Graphic Studio Gallery.

Martin's Dad went away
drypoint & spitbite
68cm x 55cm
[50cm x 40cm]
Edition of 10

September 3rd 2007
66cm x 52cm
[50cm x 38cm]
Edition of 10

It was just a glimpse
43cm x 50cm
[24cm x 34cm]
Edition of 10

At that stage...
44cm x 51cm
[25cm x 34cm]
Edition of 10

Martin's Dad
went away - 1
drypoint & spitbite
63cm x 54cm
[50cm x 40cm]
Edition of 10

Młyn i Duch/
A Windmill and a Ghost
sucha igła i akwatinta/
drypoint and aquatint
47 cm x 27 cm

O Albercie Santos Dumont/
It's About Alberto Santo Dumont,
sucha igla/drypoint,
19 cm x 20 cm

Then was that ... and now, is this,
20 cm x 30 cm,
Edition of 40,

Soundpost by Moya Cannon,
20 cm x 25 cm